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Healthier Snacks Without Sacrificing Flavour

Snack brands are tapping into the popularity of ‘better-for-you’ qualities for new launches in view of heightened consumer interest in healthy diets. Mindful snacking became mainstream a few years before COVID-19, but the pandemic moved it into high gear as more people are snacking throughout the day of their new norm.

Seizing the Healthy Snackification Trend


The term ‘Snackification’ refers to a growing trend of consumers who replace their meals with snacks. Food companies have to be actively developing healthy snacks that are appealing to Asian consumers. The key objective is to determine the middle ground where consumers’ nutritional needs meet their snacking preferences.

Consumers express a greater interest in savoury snacks as compared to sweet snacks. This could be one of the contributing factors to hypertension as savoury snacks are among the top sources of high sodium food. Hence, new product development of healthier snacks with lower sodium will be highly important to provide a healthier snacking option to consumers.

Having a clean label is another critical concern for consumers. All in all, this has inspired us to develop an extensive selection of high-quality seasonings with no-added MSG to meet consumers’ demand. Interested to know more? Contact us to find out.


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