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Better-for-You Desserts

“Dessert: the sweetest form of self-love”

Eating clean and healthy doesn’t mean that you will have to sacrifice and skip desserts! Many people are keen to adopt healthier lifestyles by having guilt-free desserts but the number of product launches in the market indicates that more effort is needed. According to statistics from Mintel, 81% of German dessert eaters think that a dessert can be both healthy and indulgent.

Better-for-you desserts should include the following:

  1. Nutrient density (high or added protein)
  2. Convenience
  3. Diversified texture
  4. Plant-based
  5. Shelf-stable
  6. Claims – ‘suitable for’, natural, microwaveable

Nutrient density

Desserts are not necessarily sinful, as long as the right ingredients are added. Protein-rich ingredients are generally suitable to be added to desserts like pudding. Gone are the days when people only rely on protein powder to boost the intake of protein. Now, you can easily find protein-rich options in ready-to-drink products and what’s more? Desserts!

Example of latest product launch:

Üfit Pudding Double Chocolate Flavoured Pudding – a low fat dessert containing 25g of protein per pot


37% of consumers in the United States are keen to try fuss-free dessert mixes, as long as it contained all the necessary ingredients. Dessert brands can target to launch easy-to-prepare options that does not compromise quality for convenience. The key selling point to be highlighted to consumers will be “ease-to-use” and “time-saving” claims.

Example of latest product launch:

Cup Lovers Milk Rice Mix – this convenient dessert only requires the addition of 160ml water and it is ready to serve, with 11g of protein per serving

Diversified texture

It is interesting to find out that consumers find multi-textured desserts appealing. Brazilian consumers are keen for dessert brands to respond to their interest in texture innovation. A wider variety of textures can help to extend consumption occasions. Anytime can be dessert time.

Example of latest product launch:

Mandarin Flavoured Jelly Dessert with Chia Seeds – a great dessert with both chewy and semi-crunchy texture, combining fruit and chia seeds


The plant-based trend has been around for some time and previously, most launches were focusing on meat or non-dairy products. Now, the market for plant-based is expanding to desserts as well, especially for pudding.

Example of latest product launch:

Cordon Green Almonds and Mocha Creamy Dessert – a creamy dessert that is delicious and nutritious


Most desserts need to be stored under chilled temperatures but for brands that are able to launch shelf-stable dessert products, it is definitely a plus point. This will create more flexibility for consumers to bring it along during a short trip, picnic or any other occasions, instead of restricting to enjoyment at home only.

Example of latest product launch:

Musselman’s Unsweetened Applesauce with Fiber – tasty dip and beneficial to immune and digestive health


‘Suitable for’ claims

These claims have notably increased among launches of dessert toppings from September 2023 until August 2023. The example of claims under this category includes:

  • Vegetarian
  • Low/no/reduced allergen
  • Gluten-free
  • Vegan
  • Kosher

Example of latest product launch:

  • Barratt Wham Dessert Sauce – raspberry-flavoured sauce that is free from artificial colours and flavours, and suitable for vegans
  • Top Amareisa Fabbri Sour Cherry Dessert Sauce – perfect dessert sauce for ice creams and it is kosher-friendly and palm oil-free
  • Nature’s Charm Coconut Salted Caramel Sauce – made from premium coconuts and it is free from dairy, gluten and soy

Natural claims

Natural claims record a sharp increase among dessert launches in Australia and New Zealand.

Example of latest product launch:

  • Popsmalaya Grape Sorbet Bars – all-natural sorbet bars made with real fruits
  • Puddings on the Ritz Chocolate and Orange Rice Pudding – free from artificial flavours or colours
  • Goraw Desserts Mint Chomp Indulgent Organic Mousse – organic, plant-based dessert

Microwaveable claims

39% of adults in China prefer to eat comfort foods as a way to relieve stress. Food options that can be quickly heated are appealing to consumers who want to seek warmth and comfort while enjoying desserts after meals.

Example of latest product launch:

  • Baozhisu Raw Coconut Latte Bobo Dessert – a light dessert which is suitable to be microwaved or chilled
  • Wing Wah Red Bean Dessert with Dried Tangerine Peel – a microwaveable dessert that can offer a nourishing and warm feeling upon consumption
  • Caramelised Crisp with Young Coconut – a dessert that gives a gooey texture and extra fragrant upon microwaved

*Note: Some of the contents above are extracted from Mintel GNPD.

Whichever brand that can offer desserts with both indulgence and nutritional appeal, wins.