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Let’s Talk About Periods

Menstruation, commonly known as period, is a normal vaginal bleeding which occurs on a monthly basis. Regular menstrual periods are a sign of good reproductive health and hormonal balance.

However, almost every woman will encounter period struggles at some point in life.

Common Period Struggles


Women’s menstrual struggles and experiences can be highly personal and one-of-a-kind. There is no one-size-fits-all approach when dealing with menstrual health.

Nutrition and Menstrual Health

According to Mintel, studies have shown that good nutrition is highly associated with healthy menstrual cycle, which will then affect the mental health as well.

Mintel - Global New Product Launches for Menstrual Health (2018-2023)

By category

1) Hot Beverages
– Peppermint Hemp Tea (UK)
– Cinnamon Herbal Infusion (Nigeria)
– Chamomile Flora Tea (India)

2) Vitamin and Mineral Supplements
– Raspberry Flavoured Magnesium Chewable (Australia)
– Happy Cycle Gummies (Germany)
– Cranberry Flavoured Girl’s Drink (Taiwan)

3) Sweeteners and Sugars
– Brown Sugar Cubes (Nigeria)
– Longan & Red Dates Black Sugar Cubes (Taiwan)
– Natural Jaggery Powder (India)

4) Juice Drinks
– Ginger Drink (Cameroon)
– Clean Juice (Brazil)
– Slimming Lime Beverage (Indonesia)

5) Nutritional Drinks
– Honey Flavoured Ginger Tea (China)
– Turmeric & Tamarind Herbal Beverage Mix (Indonesia)
– Millet Health Mix (India) 

By country


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