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Choose Health, Not Tobacco

World No Tobacco Day is celebrated yearly on 31st of May. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), this celebration is to raise public awareness on the dangers of tobacco use. Millions of tobacco users worldwide should quit smoking to reclaim their health and end generational exposure.


Smoking cigarettes is a ticking time bomb in lifestyle-related diseases. They can cause increased risk of plaque formation in blood vessels, resulting in ischemic heart disease. Not only that, smoking will also elevate the risk of getting respiratory infections and pneumonia. In short, the health consequences of tobacco use are endless.


The list is not exhaustive. Tobacco smoking is estimated to cause the premature death of 6 million people globally and many of these deaths still occur in people who have quit smoking as their health has already been compromised by smoking. Deterioration of health begins from the day smoking started. Therefore, one should take care of his or her own health before it is too late.  As for those people with underlying diseases, they should strictly refrain from smoking as it will worsen their condition.

Say ‘NO’ to smoking.

Discover BerriQi® - New Zealand Boysenberry & Apple Powder

Avoid unhealthy habits that can bring harm to your lung health. Instead, protect your lungs with BerriQi® (proprietary blend of New Zealand boysenberries and apples). As you may be aware, people who smoke tend to develop a cough. This is because the body is trying to clear out all the chemicals that entered the airways and lungs from tobacco use. It is also known as the smoker’s cough which involves wheezing and crackling noises associated with phlegm in the throat. Usually, the cough tends to be worse in the morning and may continue throughout the day.

This is when BerriQi® is much needed due to its following functions:

  • Reduces wheeze, cough and phlegm
  • Reduces mucus overproduction
  • Supports lung tissue repair
  • Reduces lung inflammation
  • Reduces collagen scarring in the lung
  • Provides potent respiratory immune support

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