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Food Focus Thailand Events 2023

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Functional Food & Beverage Edition (3rd Feb)

Functional foods and beverages are enriched with functional nutrients such as amino acids, vitamins, minerals, prebiotics and more to provide multiple health benefits. In current times, functional products have gained importance and are becoming more popular in demand due to increased health awareness among consumers.

Having said that, nutrient fortification has been made possible by using the right ingredients with functional health claim that is supported by credible scientific studies. We look forward to connecting with customers and suppliers in both food and nutraceutical markets. It is an event not to be missed, see you there!

Bakery & Pastry (17th Mar)

In recent years, consumers crave healthier indulgence in baked goods. The drastic change in consumer behaviour has driven the growth of “Healthy” and “Guilt-free” concepts in baking innovation. Bakery companies are searching for better-for-you nutritional ingredients, of which we have an extensive portfolio of ingredient solutions to offer.

In order to assist our customers, we will leverage on our ingredients and application know-how to develop sample food products that resonate with the consumer demands.

Beverages & Dairies (9th Aug)

Food sustainability is the main innovation theme among beverage and dairy launches as consumers become more aware of the environmental impact of beverage and dairy production. For further elaboration, sustainable food also refers to foods that are produced in a safe method (without the use of hazardous pesticides) and beneficial to overall human health.

In view of the demand, we actively provide food solutions to assist brand owners in the fortification of beverage and dairy products as a way to engage with health-conscious consumers.

New market sectors added in this event:

  • Meat & Poultry
  • Fruits & Vegetables

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Meat and Beverages (10th Nov)

As we edge closer towards year end, we will be having our last trade show of the year, that is Food Focus Thailand Roadshow – Meat and Beverages. 

The trend of plant-based meat has been around for some time and is still potentially growing. Recently, a futuristic technology has created a huge impact on the meat industry. Now, there is something new called ‘cultivated meat’. It is a method of producing meat without traditional farming. The cultivated meat market is gaining traction due to rising concerns regarding sustainability. According to experts, innovative researchers are having great interest in blending plant-based and cultivated meat as a whole. Let’s anticipate the evolution of meat industry in the near future. 

Beverages are not just to quench thirst. The demand for functional beverages is on the rise. Consumers are willing to pay more for beverages with health-promoting claims. Some of the popular health categories include:

– Energy booster drink

– Sports drink

– Relaxation drink

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