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Finished Product Concept

  • One stop solution in developing your private label food and health supplement products
  • Product solution in various dosage forms, including powder, tablet, capsule, liquid, jelly and gummies
  • Product category includes: Anti-Aging, Weight Management, Bone & Joint Health, Cognitive Health, Immunity, Digestive Health, Meal Replacement, Respiratory Health, Stress or Sleeping Disorders etc.
Product Concept Idea

We provide marketing consultation in sharing innovative ideas that suit your business needs based on the latest market trends.

Research & Development
We conduct extensive research and customise proprietary formulations according to your requirement.
Ingredient Sourcing

We carry a wide range of active ingredients that are backed with strong clinical studies, representing partners exclusively from all around the world. 

Product Registration
We assist in completing product registration and health food classification to ensure product compliance with the rules and regulations.
Production & Manufacturing
We partner with local and overseas contract manufacturers that are well-equipped with production facilities that conform to quality standards.
Finished product is now ready to be delivered to you!
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